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Our Brands

At Satla Spirits, we take great pride in distributing the best, most refined wines and spirits from all over the world. From Israel to South America, we curate a wide variety of unique offerings which will thrill your customers.

Adir Winery

In the heart of the Upper Galilee region, along the slopes of Admon Mountain, Adir wines are a true gift of nature, grown from the love of the earth, nurtured by the warm Mediterranean sun and produced with the utmost care and commitment to uncompromising quality.

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Tubi 60

Tubi 60 has been making people very happy for the past six years. The word about the wonder is being carried throughout the globe, spread by generous people who we serve. People who enjoy Tubi and want others to enjoy it too.

Welcome. You’ve stumbled upon one of the best unkept secrets of the spirit world and are soon to experience the pure happiness feel Tubi 60 is all about.

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Chevel Yehuda Wines

This exceptional winery is owned by G. Adler and overseen by experienced winemaker and consultant Yotam Sharon. Chevel Yehuda specializes in dry reds and dessert wines. The best grapes are brought in from vineyards in Shomron, Judea and the Meron area of the Upper Galilee.

La Foret Blanche

The team at La Forêt Blanche Winery believes with all our heart and soul that the taste of our exceptional wine must convey its heritage and origin – the ancient lineage of its production – alongside modern technological innovations which together are the essence of our craft and our guiding principle.

With our commitment to excellence, we produce our wine from grapes grown in the ancient and peerless vineyards of the Land of Israel, together with French expertise in innovative production technologies that allow us to express the art, craft and taste of the wines of the Holy Land.

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Ella Valley Vineyards

The establishment of “Ella Valley Wineries” in 1998 renewed the wine culture of thousands of years, but with 21st-century tools and know-how. The guiding principle of the modern winery is to produce excellent wines by exploiting the advantages and unique conditions of the Ella Valley region while maintaining kosher standards that satisfy a  broader market segment worldwide.

Drimia Winery

Drimia is a Boutique Winery, located in Sussiya at the southern Judean Hills, situated 882 meters above sea level. The winery combines ancient agricultural methods alongside innovation and modernization.

Drimia is about relationships – Between a mountain and the desert, man and land, earth, and sky. It’s about a promise. A new beginning. Creation and fulfillment.

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Bat Shlomo

Bat Shlomo Vineyards is proud of its deep roots. We are dedicated to the utmost standards and continuously strive to create fine wine that is worthy of our heritage.

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Golani Spirits

We are a family owned and operated craft distillery in the Golan Heights of Israel, and have decided to share our passion by creating the finest spirits.

We craft our Whiskies using a mix of local and imported grains, spring and well water, and the finest local casks we can get. Our Arak, Gin, and Absinthe are crafted with our own beet/cane sugar alcohol and using only the best locally grown and imported botanicals.


The perfect Moscato – Armoni’a blends a delicious fruity flavor with proud Italian sparkling wine. Direct from the hills of Italy, Armoni’a is a perfect beverage to set the mood and start any festive occasion.

Gondola Wines

Straight from the heart of Italy, Gondola Wines offers wonderful traditional and sparkling varieties sure to please every pallet.

Affordable yet sophisticated, a bottle of Gondola belongs front and center on your table.

Popol Vuh Mescal

The Mezcal is considered a mystic drink within the prehispanic cultures, and for that reason, we say that with other drinks you make a toast but with the mezcal, you make an offering

Crater Lake Spirits

As one of Oregon’s oldest and most award-winning distilleries, we’ve got decades of experience under our belts. Drawing from tried-and-true methods, plus a splash of ingenuity, we do things by hand and taste-test every batch. Our process is a labor of love, down to the very last drop.